Discussion Board: CH 11
Pick one type of social movement and provide a real world example.
Discuss how it reflects the components of that social movement.
Your example can be from the past or the present.
What is white nationalism? Do you feel that there’s been a recent resurgence in the US? Provide support for your position.
Discussion Board: CH 12
Provide a brief discussion of the components of reparations.
Are there racial or ethnic groups in the US who you believe deserve reparations? If so, what should it look like?
Sociologists predict that around the year 2050 the US will become a majority-minority nation.
What does this mean? ,
What do you think this will mean for racial and ethnic relations in the US?
Be sure to reply to a classmate.
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Shanhaolin Jin
2022年5月23日5月23日 22:30
Discussion Board: Chapter nineteen and twenty one
Personally, I was surprised that food deserts would happen in America. I think that it is because of the large difference between the rich and the poor in America. There is a huge gap between the wealthy and the ones going through poverty so there are extremes of both ends. I think structural-functionalism could be applied to understanding the food desert that is happening in America because I think that food deserts and hunger is the result of the failure of individuals in the society to contribute as a whole and work together to build a more cohesive community. Sociologists might understand food deserts so that the rich would be able to get more food, which could result in less food available for the poor. For now, the current social movement that promotes social change would be the gay rights movement, which promotes homosexual rights as well as gender equality. This challenged many cultures because of religious beliefs. The idea of homosexuality and gender equality might be a “hard to understand” concept for a certain religion. Another movement that promotes social change would be the feminism, where individuals in the society promote that female
should be able to enjoy similar rights as male does. However, this was also challenged by cultural belief of social roles as females were always viewed as an inferior as compared to males.

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